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Friday, August 11, 2006

Not funny

Dudes are really playing around with the Jobsmeister on this iPod thing and it is not cool, people. Like the friggen jagoff who sent me this photo of an iPod with my name signed on it in magic marker and a ransom note demanding that Apple dump OS X and license Vista instead. Scoble, did you not realize that we can totally tell that it's you under the baseball cap snapping the photo with your Treo? Duh. And you used a 20GB iPod, which is like I don't know how old, you friggin dumbass. And by the way, yes, we are going to fire your butt-munch brother for this. Seriously, people, I asked for help, not to get bombarded with joke emails from a-holes. Man. Top it off I've got some serious GI woes going on. So please, stop friggin around with the joke mail okay? If you've got my iPod, fine. Let's talk. I'll be at the Starbucks at noon with a very large bag of cash. Until then I'm gonna light some incense and do some chanting and try to get my stomach to calm down. Peace out.


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