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Friday, August 11, 2006

Separated at birth?

I mean, put a lame-ass suit and a pair of round glasses on that squirrel and he could be running Google, right? And what is up with Schmidt's haircut? Dude, you're a bazillionaire, and you're going to Supercuts or something. But let's be honest. If God really existed, Eric Schmidt would be managing a McDonald's someplace in the Midwest, teaching a business class at the local community college, volunteering at the Presbyterian church and eating pity casseroles cooked for him by elderly women in his neighborhood. Instead he's Mr. Charisma, living large in California, with Ferraris and jumbo jets and a staff of big-boobed 23-year-old interns who sell their souls for the chance to squeeze his back zits. Seriously, old Squirrel Boy gets laid a lot. And with hotties. Welcome to Silicon Valley, kiddos. Ain't capitalism cool?


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