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Friday, August 11, 2006

So Brent Schlender calls

And he’s like, Uh, hey, Steve, uh, ya know what, turns out they’re gonna hold that story, I guess it’s for space reasons, they ran out of pages or, uh, something like that, so it won’t be running on the next cover like I said, but, uh, I’m hoping maybe it’ll get used in another edition or something, maybe we can cut it down a bit and run it as a brief or something, which is too bad cause I loved the cover headline. Steve Jobs Is God and Apple Is the Best Company Ever. Man that was gonna sell some copies on the newsstand, if you ask me. We had that opening you wanted, with me saying that I’m riding in your car with you and I’m saying how cool you look in sunglasses and how you remind me a little bit of Jesus. Anyway. Sorry. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The motive you suggest it totally off base. Check out this article reguarding the iPhone and DRM

Brent Schlender is getting paid far too much.

1:41 PM  

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