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Friday, August 11, 2006

Deadline pressure

Big keynote coming up August 7. Still working on it to get it perfect. Long hours locked up in the Jobs Pod, using a bank of totally encrypted machines. I've also started something new: We're intentionally leaking lots of bogus stuff so the frigtards like the ThinkSecret dope will go ahead and print all of it and look like the morons they are. Have you heard the one about the new iPod phone? Right. That's my favorite. Next week we're gonna leak one about how we're going to start selling flat-panel TVs, like Dell. There's another one about Microsoft signing up to kill Vista and license OS X. Better still, we're using the old "marked fiver" trick taught to us by our ex-Mossad dudes. Basically, you keep track of which employee got which bit of bogus info. Then you can find the mole and start pulling his teeth without novocaine. Jaron, the head Israeli, can't wait to use his dentist equipment. He's so excited he can't sleep. Me too. Peace out--


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