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Friday, August 11, 2006

Heads are gonna friggin roll

Trust me on this. You've probably seen this story or others like it about how we're dropping the case against the so-called "journalists" who published leaked info about our products on their stupid blogs. Fair enough. The courts are letting these little freaks hide behind some shield law. No such luck for the bastards in our shop who leaked the info. Trust me, we'll find them. We've hired ex-Mossad guys and they're going through our labs like Israeli soldiers going through a Palestinian neighborhood. We're talking cavity searches and high colonics, polygraphs and wood chippers. Whoever you are, Mr. Leaker, if you're reading this, trust me when I tell you that losing your job is the least of your concerns. It's your thumbs you should be worried about. Bitch to write code without em, ain't it? Think about that. We gave you a chance to change the world, and you stabbed us in the eye. Been nice working with you.
Peace out--


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