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Friday, August 11, 2006

Michael Dell freaks me out

It's that weird eye. Hasn't anyone else noticed it? Nobody ever talks about it. We had a meeting in Austin with him once and right before we went in one of my manufacturing guys, Darin, who is a total asshole, says, Dudes, whatever you do, don't look at his eye. So of course that's the only thing any of us can think about. For like half an hour Michael Dell is talking to us and we're all staring down at the table and going like Uh huh, uh uh, okay, whatever, don't look at the eye, don't look at the eye! Then Dell throws out some statistic about how many ugly ass PCs his factory can assemble per minute or something and Darin goes, I'm not kidding, he goes, Ay yi yi! The Dell guys all freeze up, like oh shit, this is gonna be bad or whatever, but my guys all just keep totally straight faces. And then when we're getting the factory tour Darin keeps going, I swear, he goes Ay carumba! So they totally know or whatever but what could they do? And afterward we all just cracked up like crazy.


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