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Friday, August 11, 2006

Opera scares me

The browser, I mean. I was almost maybe kinda gonna download it and check it out because it's getting so much buzz, but then I saw this scary-ass picture of their typical users or whatever on their homepage and I thought this is a group I definitely do NOT want to belong to. I mean, Candy looks like some freako Asian dominatrix. Marcus either is awaiting gender reassignment surgery, or just had it, I can't tell. Glenn keeps weapons under his bed and wants to shoot up his high school. Monica is the chick you meet on Match.com and you're all psyched at first because she looks kinda like Cameron Diaz and you can't believe she agreed to meet you, but then 5 minutes into the date she starts talking about Thorazine and you realize she's absolutely friggin eye-wobbly psycho and you end up having to change your email address and phone numbers to get rid of her. Kyle is trying to hold in a poop. Seriously, when I see awful marketing like this, I realize just how amazingly good our Apple marketing people are. I guess maybe I shouldn't yell at them so much. Sigh.


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