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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sneak peek

So I've been wrestling for days with whether I should show this or wait until Aug. 7 which is the original plan. But I'm just too psyched to wait. So. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... the iBall. It's the next phase in our multiproduct rollout with Nike and it's so bitchin you won't believe it. Basically it's a Nike golf ball with a little RF transmitter chip inside. Slice a shot into the woods, no problem, just whip out your video iPod with our new iTracker GPS software and boom, it shows you exactly where the ball is. It's even got this beep feature, faster and higher as you're getting closer, lower and slower as you get "colder." Soooo cool. We've been beta testing it in Japan and the dudes there are just going nuts over it. Better yet, Nike is gonna charge 30 bucks a ball even though the chip only costs a dime. We're gonna charge 40 bucks for iTracker even though it's just this piece of GPL'd code we ripped down from SourceForge, buffed it up a bit, put our name on it, and turned it into a closed-source program. Sweet. This is gonna be huge. Seriously. We've got golf courses lining up to rent video iPods to people as they're going out on the course -- like, here's your cart, and if you want a video iPod you pay 20 bucks extra or whatever. They like it cause it speeds up the game cause these bozos aren't mucking around in the woods for 20 minutes trying to find a stupid ball. Win-win all around. Total game-changer. Literally. This is what I mean about changing the world.


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