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Friday, August 11, 2006

It's called a homophone, who knew? And I know what you're thinking, maybe Carson Kressley can do the T-Mobile ad campaign, but don't go there

This story cracks me up. Some doofus at the Chicago Tribune reported that an iPod can last "four years" after hearing our spokesbabe say an iPod can last "for years." I mean, hello? Has anyone ever heard of an iPod lasting four friggin years? Come on. Think about it, people. How are we gonna sell new ones if the old ones don't crap out on schedule? Do you think we're stupid? Man. We say "for years," meaning "more than 12 months." Okay? BTW, I'm so sick of these cheapskates who come into our stores crying and wanting a free replacement cause their poor little iPod crapped out right after the warranty expired. The things don't cost that much, folks. Pony up.


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