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Friday, August 11, 2006

Our tech support rocks

Dudes, sorry for the delay in filing. My MacBook Pro got the heebie-jeebies and crapped out on me. Called customer service on Saturday, yeah right, got put on hold for like forever so finally I got into the JobsMobile and schlepped out to the Apple store at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, where the “genius” behind the counter first of all is talking on his cell phone, which friggin drives me crazy, but he tells me it's an emergency cause like his kid got hit by a car or something and I'm like, Dude, are you on break? Then turn off the friggin phone. Finally I just grabbed it from him and shut it off. Worse than that the douchebag cops a tude and tells me to fill out a form describing the problem with the machine. So suddenly the MacBook leaps upward and bashes this frigtard on the head. And I go, Yeah, see, that’s the problem. The sudden leaping up and hitting of frigtards on the head. Can you fix that? Anyhoo. Someone there obtained a clue and got me a new machine. Paramedics came for Dopey the Genius and we sent an assistant manager to ride with him in the ambulance and process his termination paperwork.

So here I am, in a Starbucks, with a beautiful, bitchin brand-new MacBook Pro which I am really excited about, and so far nobody knows who I am. So far. Will try to post again soon if I can get the friggin Airport to stop dropping off the WiFi network, and if I don't get mobbed by screaming groupies, which tends to happen in places like this. Peace out.


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