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Friday, August 11, 2006

This guy totally gets it

Check out this article at eWeek. Totally on the money. We are on the brink of a huge windfall. That's in part thanks to delays in Vista. But also there's something larger going on. People who think of themselves as hip or "techie" see our machines as better, cooler -- a BMW versus a Yugo. The high price actually adds to the allure. Money quote:
With Vista missing the holiday and back-to-school seasons, many customers are buying Macs. A family in my neighborhood has been all PC since the PC XT. But the eldest son is going off to college and says he wants a Mac. It's the vanguard of a new generation gap. He's never owned a Mac but he's gotta have one—a good sign for Apple.

Right on. It's taken 10 years for the message to get through, but it's getting through. Change takes time. But it happens. Peace out.


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