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Friday, August 11, 2006

So Michael Moore calls

And he says, Look, Steve, I’m standing outside your building with a film crew and your dickhead security goons won’t let me in. Yeah, you, buddy, I just called you a dickhead, so deal with it. Not you, Steve. Sorry. I'm talking to your security goon. Steve, I’m doing this movie about corporations, about this options stuff, I mean people don’t realize how the top half a percent in this country just enrich themselves on the backs of the workers, and I’m standing right here, Steve, okay, I’m right here, and I’m ready to hear your side of it, and I just think you ought to consider what this is gonna look like if you refuse to come down and talk to us, okay? Does the name Dick Clark ring any bells? Or Roger Smith at GM? You’re gonna look like that, Steve, like a corporate bastard. These guys keep giving me this crap about how you’re not even in the building but I know you’re in there. Oh, wait, here comes the PR lady, isn’t this nice, oh this is fantastic, are the cameras rolling? Are we rolling? Good, I want every last drop of this, seriously, it’s pure spun gold. Seriously.


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